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4-1/2 Steps to Success

About the Seminars

Carol Super's popular, informative and energy-packed corporate sales-training seminars, based on her unique formula for success, have helped attendees all over America to maximize their potential in the areas of relationship building, closing sales, and sales management.

Each seminar is custom-crafted to focus on specific corporate goals.

Carol Super's seminars are based on her popular book "Selling Without Selling: 4-1/2 Steps to Success" published by the American Management Association's AMACOM Press.

In her seminars, Carol, who received 2004's prestigious "Sales Professional of the Year" Award from Sales and Marketing Management magazine, shares the technique she's developed during her successful career. She shows salespeople, sales managers and CEOs how to be far more successful (and far less stressed) with her proven process of breakthrough strategies for accelerated business development.

When you sign on for a Carol Super seminar, you help your sales team in many ways. You'll see them:

  • Increase their income dramatically by closing more sales
  • Streamline the sales process for more sales, more quickly with less effort
  • Use the "Super Theory of Relate-tivity" to build instant rapport that creates the Most important ingredient for buying: Trust
  • Utilize carefully constructed techniques such as visualization to develop the focus you need to prioritize sales calls and to maximize time management
  • Using 3 simple background questions and 1 key question that reveals what is most important to your prospect or client
  • Discovering the 7 Signposts that are required to keep the prospect on the path to the Close
And much, much more.

And not only does Carol take you through her 4-1/2 steps to success, she helps with the whole sales picture, sharing great insight into such difficult parts of the sales job as cold calling and prospecting. She'll teach organizational skills as well as such down-to-earth practices as dealing with "the gatekeeper."

A Carol Super seminar is worth every minute. Not only does she share actionable tips and tools, she makes the seminars an unforgettable experience for those who attend.

  • All attendees receive custom workbooks to enhance the learning process and post-seminar reinforcement.
  • All seminars include extensive role-playing for an 'on-the-job' experience of the material.
  • All seminars include the Harvard case study approach, designed to increase business.
  • All seminars include a comprehensive follow-up program that utilizes an online component.

Carol Super's books, keynote addresses and seminars have helped thousands all over the country to become far more successful with far less effort. Why not add your team to the list.

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