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4-1/2 Steps to Success
Why should your company invite Carol Super to lead a seminar?
Because she's developed her successful sales strategy on the job as one of America's top sales professionals.
Because your sales staff will have greater success — with less stress.
And because you care about your bottom line.
Carol Super's popular book, "Selling Without Selling: 4-1/2 Steps to Success," published by the American Management Association's AMACOM Press, shows salespeople, sales managers and CEOs how to be far more successful (and far less stressed) with her proven process of breakthrough strategies for accelerated business development.

Carol's Selling Without Selling seminars have received rave reviews from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, New York Life, the American Staffing Association as well as from smaller and medium-size firms and individuals.

In fact, Carol's popular, effective and energy-packed corporate sales-training seminars, webinars, personal coaching and public keynote speeches, based on her unique formula for success, have helped attendees all over America to maximize their potential in the areas of relationship building, closing sales, and sales management.

Carol is often sought out by the press. She was recently interview by Investor Business Daily, which quoted her extensively for an article called Gain Workers' Cooperation Without Harsh Commands (printable version).

Carol received 2004's prestigious "Sales Professional of the Year" Award from Sales and Marketing Management magazine.

She has also been recently featured as a "Sales Wonder Woman" in Incentive magazine and as a top trainer in Selling Power magazine, lauded for her sales training creativity by Presentation magazine, and celebrated as a "Sales Icon" by the Tulanian magazine.

And she doesn't just talk the talk — she walks the walk. As the perennial NUMBER ONE sales producer for Media Networks Inc., formerly a division of 3M Company, now of Time, Inc., Carol:
  • Exceeded her goals every single year for 19 years by as much as 300%.
  • Was awarded the first and only "Salesperson of the Decade" honor.
  • Introduced a successful new approach to direct response advertising for those publications she represented, including Time, Newsweek, U. S. News & World Report, Fortune, Business Week, House Beautiful, among others.
  • Was designated, trained and recognized by 3M as a model Sales Trainer.
  • Was a two-term President of 3M's Cooperating for Growth, where she developed sales programs for all the 3M salespeople in the New York metropolitan area.

When Time Warner acquired Media Networks in 1997, Carol continued to lead a 70+-person team with the highest sales, the highest plan and an overall performance level more than three times higher than the average salesperson. She also achieved the highest single sale in the history of the company and her contribution alone represented 10% of the company's $66 million in sales in 2002, an extremely tough year for ad sales.

Find out how your sales team can be as successful as the teams Carol has led to victory.